Next up in our series of Greatest Riffs Loud Lists are the progressive metal philosophers of Tool. Whether the band’s songs were carried by guitarist Adam Jones or bassists Paul D’Amour and Justin Chancellor, Tool have put together a gigantic collection of riffs for a band with just four albums and one EP.

You’ll find riffs spanning Tool’s entire career in this list, starting from the Opiate EP. You can truly hear the birth of Tool on Opiate as Jones was just beginning to become a riff master. The Tool guys upped their game with their first full-length, Undertow, gifting fans with powerful leads like “Bottom” and “Prison Sex.”

If you’re only just starting to get into Tool, we advise you begin with Riff Heaven… also know as Ænima. Every single full track has at least one amazing riff, most notably “Forty Six & 2,” “Pushit” and “Ænema,” but there’s literally no bad place to start in Ænima. As for albums, it’s about as perfect as a band can hope for.

Tool continued their prestige into the 21st century with Lateralus and 10,000 Days. The massive success of “Schism” brought the greatest bass riff of the 2000s, with Adam Jones adding a second dimension with his guitar work. As for 10,000 Days, the prize riff is arguably “Jambi,” which could be the most sonically heavy Tool lead ever.

Check out our picks for the 10 Greatest Tool Riffs in the Loud List above!

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