Somehow, none of these 10 legendary acts have released a million-selling album in the United States!

We recently gave you a Loud List of 10 Albums You Won’t Believe Went Platinum. Flash-in-the-pan acts like Tonic, Crossfade and Jars of Clay went platinum or multi-platinum, so it only makes sense that iconic bands like Ramones, Dream Theater and Motorhead went platinum too… right? Sadly, this isn’t the case.

Though some of the legends in this Loud List have gone platinum overseas, they just haven’t been able to crack that 1,000,000 mark in the States. It’s a travesty that Motorhead was able to rock and roll for 40 years and crank out 22 albums without receiving a single platinum plaque from the RIAA. Not even Ace of Spades or Iron First, often listed as two of the greatest recordings in music history, hit a million in sales.

Here’s another shocker for you: Anthrax. Even while receiving mainstream airplay during the heyday of thrash in the late ‘80s, gold was all Anthrax ever tasted in America. "Big 4" allies Slayer have fallen short of that million-sales point as well. Reign in Blood will turn 30 years old come October 2016 and somehow the album still hasn’t gone platinum. How can this be?!?

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10 Albums You Won't Believe Went Platinum

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