Back when Slipknot were blowing up with mainstream crowds, it was Joey Jordison’s hyper-technical drumming that gained the respect of underground metal fans. In this video, we’re highlighting the most incredible drum parts of Jordison’s career.

Intensity has always been Jordison’s hallmark, bringing an extreme metal edge to Slipknot’s nu-metal foundation. “Disasterpiece” is often cited as Joey’s most creative work, as the drummer absolutely demolishes his kit for five vicious minutes. Jordison’s fills are absurd throughout the song, with the drummer tastefully testing how many strokes he can fit into a single measure.

20 years after its release, “Eyeless” has become a cult classic amongst Slipknot fans. The track’s sampled break beat underneath Jordison’s ripping intro is one of metal’s most memorable intros, giving “Eyeless” an unbridled and wild mood.

Jordison has long stunned fans with incredible drum solos. Even when suspended vertically and spun around 360-degrees, Joey can keep a complex beat moving. We’ve included clips of Joey with both Slipknot and VIMIC, proving he hasn’t missed a step since parting ways with the 'Knot in late 2013.

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