With three acclaimed full-length albums and two EPs released in the 2010s (so far), Swedish occult act Ghost may go down as the definitive metal band of this decade. To celebrate the masked musicians, we’ve put together a Loud List of Unforgettable Ghost Moments.

Whether led by the chilling Papa Emeritus I, the demonic Papa Emeritus II or the charismatic and youthful Papa Emeritus III, Ghost have been on a hot streak since unveiling Opus Eponymous in 2010. Having become one of metal’s greatest conceptual acts, Ghost took the idea of a Satanic cult with a Pope-like figurehead very seriously, so much that the band had to take a step back in their early days, realizing they needed to completely flesh out the idea before implementing it.

Years later, Ghost found themselves on the Grammy Awards red carpet nominated for Best Metal Performance in 2016, which they won. Papa III and his nameless ghouls did some fine trolling on the carpet, with one ghouls saying, “Stay away from the Grammys,” after being asked if there was a message he’d like send back home.

Who’s up for some sex education with Papa Emeritus III? During Ghost’s ‘Popestar’ tour, Papa III would regularly take time to sit down and chat with his flock. Directed at the young kids in this crowd, Papa explained the act of coitus by using musical references, which certainly didn’t fly over the heads of the puberty-and-up fans in attendance.

Check out these 10 Unforgettable Ghost Moments in the Loud List above!

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