Steel Panther guitarist Satchel is one of the most talented shredders in heavy metal, but his days may be numbered. On Dec. 19, 11-year-old Aidan Fisher challenged Satchel to a shred-off in Kansas City during Steel Panther's performance at the Midland Theater. Fisher wowed the audience with his abilities and probably even stole most of Satchel's groupies after the show.

What kind of parent brings their 11-year-old kid to a Steel Panther concert? The best kind of parent. While sitting onstage in front of thousands of people, Aidan took Satchel's own guitar and shredded circles around Steel Panther's sole axe-slinger. As Aidan began to play, Satchel's face radiated with fear and embarrassment, and for good reason, as vocalist Michael Starr immediately fired Satchel just seconds into Aidan's playing.

Aidan cranked out some Eddie Van Halen-inspired soloing and tapping on a rendition of 'Eruption,' with some riffing and whammy bar action for good measure. The preteen shredder even led Steel Panther into a jam of the Kinks' 'You Really Got Me.' In response to Aidan's guitar work, Satchel sneakily skipped his chance to out-shred his adversary, conceding defeat. Satchel even autographed Aidan's 'I challenge Satchel to a guitar solo' sign, writing, "Aidan, you won!!!"

Check out the awesome footage of Aidan's victory over Satchel in the video above!