Wow! 13-year-old Alexey Poblete just covered Meshuggah’s “Clockworks” on drums and made it look damn easy.

Meshuggah had an incredible 2016 with The Violent Sleep of Reason, which was widely acclaimed by fans and critics alike. “Clockworks” is the album’s opening cut, kicking the record off with polyrhythmic brutality. Tomas Haake just keeps proving why he’s one of metal’s all-time great drummers, crafting a style completely unmatched by his peers. Playing along with Haake’s parts is a nightmare for most drummers due to his unconventional rhythms and rapid-fire time signature changes, which is why Alexey’s video is so impressive.

The 13-year-old rocker has posted plenty of covers on YouTube, including a play-through of Rush’s “YYZ” and Slayer’s “Raining Blood.” She’s also done Animals as Leaders, which may have gotten the attention of guitarist Tosin Abasi. The guitar phenom shared Poblete’s “Clockworks” cover on Facebook, bringing tons of attention to the young drummer. Alexey graciously thanked Tosin and has been getting tons of positive reactions.

Watch Alexey Poblete crush Meshuggah’s “Clockworks” in the clip above! And no, everyone, the tattoos aren’t real.

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