It’s only right that the foul mouthed metalheads aboard this year’s 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise had a destination in Falmouth, Jamaica. Some fans and bands ventured out to explore the port and beach while others enjoyed the solitude of catching up on sleep and relaxing while having the massive Independence of Seas ship all to themselves.

The quiet and calm didn’t last too long as Norwegian band Susperia performed a lively set in the Pyramid Lounge. Someway somehow Fleshgod Apocalypse, whose live show and energy is massive, also managed to play the same small space.

Fans lined up to see a crushing performance by Austrian death metal band Belphegor and for damn good reason. With their face paint and animal carcass props, Belphegor’s stage presence is powerful and one that will stay with fans. Unfortunately we can’t say the same for Dave Lombardo’s new band Dead Cross. While fans packed into the Ice Rink to see Lombardo’s new band, after a couple of songs they left and went to dinner. While Lombardo is a metal percussion god, Dead Cross’ “punk” performance and sound is something that felt more fitting for Warped Tour than this cruise. While it might be labeled as punk rock, the band certainly doesn’t have the groove of bands Iron Reagan, Beartooth or Letlive that might be grouped with them. There was plenty of anticipation to see Dead Cross but the set didn't meet our expectations.

With a name like Visions of Atlantis, it makes a lot of sense for them to be performing on the high seas. The band got their second shot to play after their first set was canceled and they delivered a dynamic, melodic and simply hypnotic set. The Alhambra stage was ruled by sirens as Epica provided a soaring set. Don’t let singer Simone Simons sweet vocals fool you, she can headbang with the best of them! Swedish metal band Hammerfall ended the night in the theater at 2AM.

Out on the Pool Deck stage, Stratovarius performed their second set, as did Lacuna Coil. This time around Lacuna Coil had a very special guest -- Simone Simons of Epica -- who joined in during “Heaven’s a Lie.” Despite being completely out of it offstage, frontman Chrigel Glanzmann was a force of nature onstage with his crew in Eluveitie. The dreaded vocalist and multi-instrumentalist got the blood of crowdsurfers pumping and even a guy dressed as a pink power ranger made his way to the front. Other acts that hit the very windy Pool Deck included Children of Bodom, At the Gates, Tyr and Carach Angren.

Check out our coverage of some of the bands on the third day of the cruise above! Stay tuned for our coverage of the last day of this year’s 70,000 Tons of Metal and revisit our recaps and photos from Day 2 and Day 1.

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