Look out, A Day To Remember! There's something sinister on your tail. If you've ever had the feeling you're being followed, you're not the only one and A Day To Remember address that feeling in their new video for "Paranoia."

As can be seen in the clip above, A Day To Remember's Jeremy McKinnon is so freaked out by the unnerving feeling he spends some time on the psychiatrist's couch, but is it all in his head? As we see later, he and his bandmates are being stalked by a figure that's a cross between Lost's smoke monster and Disturbed's "The Guy" mascot. Watch how it all plays out in the video above.

A Day To Remember debuted "Paranoia" earlier this week when McKinnon was a guest on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 Apple Radio show. McKinnon insisted that "Paranoia" was just a song the band created quickly and decided to release and that he's not hiding the fact that a full new album is coming anytime soon. "We just take it as it comes. We write all the time," said the singer.

The band humorously poked fun at the fact that everyone seems to be questioning when a new album will be coming in a video that surfaced last weekend. In the clip, the guys show how they've been passing their time, whether it be as Uber drivers, delivery guys, quite possibly the world's worst bartender, an overzealous parking security guard or just improving their "game" on the courts. You can watch the clip here.

In truth, A Day To Remember are gearing up for their own Self Help Festival in San Bernardino, Calif. The show, at the NOS Events Center, takes place March 19 with A Day To Remember and the reunited Underoath atop the bill. After that, the band has booked a spring tour starting April 30 and dates can be found here.

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