After exiting Mushroomhead, Waylon Reavis made his musical return earlier this year with A Killer's Confession's debut disc Unbroken. Now, A Killer's Confession are ready to share some more music with fans, as two new songs are being offered up today (Nov. 17). One of those tracks, a poignant new song titled "Angel on the Outside," is debuting exclusively right hear at Loudwire.

"Angel on the Outside" plays the contrasts of quiet and loud quite well, providing a soundscape with triumphant, uplifting guitar, a blend of highly melodic and gruffly guttural vocals and an overall anthemic sound that is certain to draw in listeners. The longing in Reavis' voice shines through he belts with determination, "So if I can't take flight / I need the will to fight / And with my demons I deny / The angel on the outside / And when the sky turns black/ There is no turning back alive / And with my demons I deny / The angel on the outside."

Reavis tells us, "'Angel on the Outside' is a song about rejection and finding your place after losing everything. It is exactly where I was two years ago. This is also the first time that A Killer's Confession has had the privilege to work with a producer outside of my own company. I am proud to say that this song was produced and recorded by Sahaj Ticotin. 'Angel on the Outside' is one of two songs that are being simultaneously release today (Nov. 17th), both produced by Sahaj. This is also our first time releasing music independently."

As stated previously, "Angel on the Outside" is one of two new tracks dropping today through the band's own AKC Global label. The other is a track called "I Wish." Be sure to check out the group's website and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) to stay up to date on their activities.

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