AFI frontman Davey Havok has expanded his horizons in recent years, and he now plans to delve into acting for the new film, 'The Violent.'

The film is set in the mid-'90s and features a tight-knit group of punks and skins. The movie centers on the conflict that one teen faces in his final year of high school as he's drawn toward a path of crime and must reconcile his own violent nature or be consumed by it.

Writer/producer Clint Carney says of the film, "This is a story of violence. Not just physical violence, but the emotional violence and the trauma that you endure just growing up and coming into your own realizing who you are and what you're place is in this world."

Havok, who is also co-producing the film, says he was immediately drawn to the script and was thrilled to be invited to take part. He adds, "'The Violent' appealed to me because it was very, very genuine and I think it represents a culture that existed in the '90s that people are vastly unaware of if they weren't part of that culture … and I think it is a great look into that world of punks and skins."

Havok and his cohorts are looking for additional help in funding the film, which will offset costs for the crew, talent, locations, equipment, permits and other associated expenditures.

The rocker does have some experience acting, not only in AFI's videos, but also on Broadway in Green Day's 'American Idiot.' He's also spent time in recent years releasing his first novel, 'Pop Kids.'

To learn more about the film and how you can donate to make sure it gets made, check out the movie's Indiegogo campaign website. There's also a variety of incentives on the site that you can grab depending on the amount of your donation.