Against Me! have seen it all, rising through the ranks to major label success and then stepping away from the machine to run their own career. While the subject of their new song 'Black Me Out' is not clearly stated, it's pretty clear that frontwoman Laura Jane Grace has some discontent to voice.

Starting out with a folky guitar, the track opens with the lines, "I don't ever want to talk that way again / I don't want to know people like that anymore / As if there was an obligation / As if I owed you something." And with an opening like that, 'Black Me Out' further opens the floodgates for Grace to vent, telling the subject of her tale that she wants to "piss on the walls of your house" and calling the person out for acting like they were "a kingmaker."

The song has turned up in past Against Me! shows as an acoustic number, but here there's a full backing band that allows the song to really kick in and drive home the point of Grace's vitriol.

'Black Me Out' will be features on Against Me!'s new album, 'Transgender Dysphoria Blues,' the group's first release since Grace transitioned from frontman Tom Gabel. The album drops Jan. 21 via the band's own Total Trebel record label.

Listen to Against Me!'s 'Black Me Out'