The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has drastically grown in the last few months, especially in the music community, where people are recreating songs using different voices and instruments. Someone made an AI version of Axl Rose singing Velvet Revolver's "Fall to Pieces," and its listeners really seem to enjoy it.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by an account called Zoyer, who wrote in the description, "This video was made for educational purposes and to explore the possibilities of using AI along with music. It's not intended for any commercial purposes. This is not Axl Rose singing, it's the artificial intelligence sound put over the original song. Axl Rose is a great singer and songwriter, these videos are not in any way made to mock him or spread misleading information."

Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum formed Velvet Revolver several years after their departures from Guns N' Roses, leaving Rose as the only original member of the band. While he had a revolving door of musicians coming in to help him work on the infamous Chinese Democracy, the trio of musicians recruited Dave Kushner on rhythm guitar for their new group, as well as Stone Temple Pilots' Scott Weiland on vocals.

"Fall to Pieces" is a ballad that was featured on the band's 2004 debut album Contraband. They only released one more record, Libertad (2007), before Weiland left the band.

"I think Axl would've sang this way different on a lot of parts but it's cool to imagine this with him. RIP Scott," one listener commented.

"Damn, this is incredible. Love this so much and all the videos make my day!" wrote another.

Check out the video below.

Rose and the members of Velvet Revolver went back and forth in the press for a few years during the 2000s, particularly Weiland. However, years after the singer's split with Velvet Revolver, he told Classic Rock that he had a better understanding of Rose after working with his former bandmates.

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"Now, I’m not saying that I’m innocent in this, but everybody’s at this place where the fucking finger is getting pointed and they’re all pointing the finger at me," Weiland said of his break from Velvet Revolver. "When you think about it, isn’t it ironic that the band is regurgitating the same story that they did with Axl Rose in their last band, where the lead singer was being demonized? Originally I thought: 'What a troll he must have been. What an evil man.' But you know what? I have to say that I have an entirely different opinion of him today."

Weiland died in 2015, and ever since Guns N' Roses reunited in 2016, Velvet Revolver's "Slither" has been a regular staple in their setlist. So, if Rose ever had any hesitations about singing one of Weiland's songs, he clearly got over it.

Hear an AI Version of Axl Rose Singing Velvet Revolver's 'Fall to Pieces'

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