Alice in Chains have returned with new music and acclaimed director Roboshobo is helping them bring some imagery to their latest single, 'Hollow.' The band just debuted the official video for the song, focusing on the gradual deterioration of an isolated scientist's mental state (watch below).

In the clip, we see the main character going through his daily routine -- staring out at the planet below, working out, talking with his wife on a video chat and performing various experiments. But as the days turn into a year, the man begins to break down mentally and physically.

The official video follows the band's recent lyric clip that was fan-generated. The initial offering was comprised of images submitted by fans prior to the release of the song, as the group had posted lyrics and asked for visual feedback on what the words meant to their fans. After gathering a wealth of visual input, the lyric clip was pieced together to coincide with the release of the song last month.

Fans of the track can currently pick it up on iTunes. It will be part of the band's still-untitled studio album that's expected to drop in the spring.

Watch Alice in Chains' 'Hollow' Video