Ever since deathcore vocalist Eddie Hermida departed from All Shall Perish to focus on becoming the new frontman of Suicide Silence, fans of both bands have been waiting for the full story to unveil itself. This week, Hermida presented his viewpoint publicly for the first time, and now, All Shall Perish bassist and founding member Mike Tiner has revealed a very different story.

Suicide Silence, perhaps deathcore's most popular act, were left without a vocalist after the death of Mitch Lucker last year. Just over 11 months after Lucker's death, Eddie Hermida was revealed as Suicide Silence's new singer. Metal Injection scored an exclusive interview with Hermida earlier this week, giving the vocalist a forum to explain his band swap. Adding a new chapter to the story, Metal Injection just spoke with Mike Tiner to give the bassist his own public platform.

"I first heard of Eddie potentially joining Suicide Silence in March while we were on tour in Japan," Tiner tells Metal Injection. "When he first brought it up, he made it seem as if he was only considering recording with them, but then as he further explained everything, it became very clear that he wanted to join Suicide Silence. Everyone in that room had the same reaction: 'How are you going to possibly have time to do both bands?' Eddie reassured us a dozen times over that both bands would be able to coexist and work together with one another, with him as the vocalist of both bands."

According to Tiner, Hermida's Suicide Silence gig would come with strict rules from the band's management. "Suicide Silence's management informed us of all of the things All Shall Perish would and would not be "allowed" to do," Tiner explains. "All Shall Perish could not play a show until Eddie was well "established" as the new singer of Suicide Silence. Suicide Silence's management told us that they would have to be well into their new album and touring cycle before All Shall Perish could be seen again with Eddie. That is easily a year of All Shall Perish not being "allowed" to do anything; possibly more than a year. There were other rules, too, but this one was huge."

Tiner goes on to claim that Hermida refused to quit All Shall Perish despite the ground rules presented by Suicide Silence's management, leading Hermida to say, "If you want me out of All Shall Perish, you'll have to fire me."

As for the future of All Shall Perish, Tiner remains optimistic. "All Shall Perish is no stranger to this kind of situation. We have come back every time we every time something or someone has tried to knock us down. We have come back and gotten better every time and this time is no different. So don't worry: WE got this!"

For the full and incredibly revealing interview with Mike Tiner, head over to Metal Injection.