Twenty years ago, All That Remains formed in Springfield, Massachusetts and since then, they've become a metalcore institution. Now, they're set to release Victim of the New Disease, their ninth studio album, and have debuted "Everything's Wrong," the second single from the forthcoming record.

"Everything's Wrong" is a bit of an inverse of the first single, "Fuck Love," which bordered on death metal and featured guttural vocal exclusively. Here, frontman Phil Labonte utilizes only his "clean" voice, a technique that works well with the harmonized guitar melodies. The track moves from a somber opening to a speedy verse, backing off the intensity as the chorus approaches, which frees up the singer to deliver a soaring vocal refrain.

“We decided to throw a curveball… and do the heaviest record since For We Are Many in 2010! It was the perfect way to follow-up Madness, where we did some different styles and songs and even covered a country song," Labonte explained. "People might’ve expected something more experimental, but throwing curveballs is what we do."

"Everything's Wrong" can be heard in the video above and pre-orders for Victim of the New Disease (out Nov. 9 through Fearless Records) can be placed here.

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