Amaranthe have put in the studio time, and now they're ready to emerge with a new album. Be on the lookout for Maximalism arriving on Oct. 21 via Spinefarm Records.

The band's fourth studio album is billed as a "hyper-modern, metallic beast of a record." It finds the band reuniting with producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Epica, Delain), with mastering done by Svante Forsback (Rammstein, Apocalyptica, Dragonforce).

"Maximalism is our manifesto to the world," says guitarist Olof Morck. "We are genuinely thrilled with the new material, definitely our most diverse collection to date; our trademark ‘bleeding edge’ modern metal remains intact, of course, but fused with an even broader range of genres than before… there’s everything here including stadium rock, innovative pop and danceable super-hits. Expect these tunes to enter your mind on a permanent basis!"

Take a look at the 12-song track listing below. A press release points to the locomotive power of such tracks as "Faster" and "Fury," as well as the more dramatic "Limitless" and "Endlessly" as standout cuts on the new album.

Amaranthe will hit the road in Europe this fall, with Sonic Syndicate and Smash Into Pieces joining them for shows. Dates and venues will be announced shortly.

Amaranthe, Maximalism Track Listing

01. "Maximize"
02. "Boomerang"
03. "That Song"
04. "21"
05. "On the Rocks"
06. "Limitless"
07. "Fury"
08. "Faster"
09. "Break Down and Cry"
10. "Supersonic"
11. "Fireball"
12. "Endlessly"

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