Amigo the Devil, the moniker of folk rock singer-songwriter Danny Kiranos, will release his second album, Born Against, on April 16 and previewing what lies ahead, he's partnered with Loudwire for the exclusive premiere of the new outlaw anthem, "Murder at the Bingo Hall."

As the song's title suggests, the story here is a rather cheeky one — one that doesn't involve actual murder. No, instead Amigo the Devil sings about his incessant winnings at Bingo night, his ink blotter being the "weapon" of choice while an all too catchy acoustic riff serves as the anchor to this tale of rich rewards.

"I wanted to write a song about Bingo because everyone loves Bingo. If you don’t, that means you’re more grumpy than old grumpy ass people who play it....that says something," mused Kiranos. "I wanted it to sound fast-paced and hectic while using minimal instrumentation. With only three players on it — Beau Bedford (keys/organ) Paul Grass (drums/percussion) and myself on guitar and vocals....and breathing?...I’d say the result is a lot bigger than the package it’s in."

Listen to the track toward the bottom of the page, where you'll find the lyrics as well, in addition to the Born Against album art and complete track listing.

Regarding the Born Against title, Kiranos explained, "Although the title Born Against clearly aligns with religious connotations with the play on born again, it’s meant to encompass much more. It isn’t necessarily the perpetual state of being against something but more of, 'Are we born without and then it’s our responsibility to find it or not?'"

He continued, "This applies to everything from the ability to be empathetic, faith, addiction, depression. To me, born against is more about starting life with a clean slate and finding your own way rather than being trained to believe something that someone else wants you to. Back to the initial example, if that means coming back to faith in your own, it’s on your own terms, for your own reasons."

Born Against drops on April 16. Pre-orders can be placed here and to pre-save the album digitally, do that here.

Amigo the Devil, "Murder at the Bingo Hall" Lyrics

It was a quiet night down at the gaming hall
Doubled up on cocaine and adderall
The room full of smoke and the air so still that I choked when I raised up both of my hands to yell BINGO

I was looking around trying to track down who the biggest threat would be
Seeing the fear in everybodyʼs eyes, apparently it was me and I guess I know why
Iʼve been coming here cleaning house for the past few weeks

I was binging bingo

From the second I walked in I planned my attack
Three packets in hand, I sat at my usual table in back
He mightʼve been calling the numbers, but I was calling the shots
After four in a row I jumped up and yelled “someone should call the cops, Iʼm killing it”
Everyone sitting still like a people garden
Tension builds as the wrap up nears the end
This dabber is a weapon sending everyone to bingo heaven…

Held back by the numbers I donʼt have…
Then the room got quiet…
My breath was still...
It gave me the feeling in my chest, that tightness, that only losing everything will
The game begins now

We were binging bingo
We were binging bingo

Amigo the Devil, "Murder at the Bingo Hall"

Amigo the Devil, Born Against Album Art + Track Listing

Liars Club
Liars Club

01. “Small Stone”
02. “Quiet as a Rat”
03. “Murder at the Bingo Hall”
04. “Drop for Every Hour”
05. “Better Ways to Fry a Fish”
06. “Different Anymore”
07. “Another Man’s Grave”
08. “24K Casket”
09. “Shadow”
10. “Letter From Death Row”

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