The 2019 release schedule is starting to fill up, with Amon Amarth the latest to confirm they've finished recording for a new album. The band worked with producer Jay Ruston, and while an official title and release date has yet to be revealed, singer Johan Hegg has offered some insight on the disc.

Speaking with Revolver, Hegg stated he wasn't as interested in doing a conceptual album this time out. "Jomsviking turned out so well, so if you then start working on another concept album and try to top that, it would almost be impossible, unless you have a really great story lined up that you can do that with. But I didn't, so it didn't make sense," says Hegg. "I was a bit lazy on this one — I waited for the music to be done so I could see where it would take me."

The vocalist added that while he waited to add lyrics until the music was complete, he did have an idea for one track he wanted to do titled "Beserker at Stamford Bridge."

"A friend of mine told me about the story and said I should write lyrics about it, which I thought was a great idea because it's such an awesome story," he said. "Basically, it's at the end of the Viking era. The Vikings are in England, and they've been very successful in beating the English, because what the Vikings did better than the English is that they moved fast and they moved during the night. But at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, the English used the Vikings' tactics against them, so they caught the Vikings by surprise. The Vikings were too far away from their supply ships, so they had to retreat. The Vikings were about 3000 men, and the English were 15,000. So they retreated over Stamford Bridge, but in order to halt the English army, they sent one guy with an ax out on the bridge."

The band's new album is tentatively expected to arrive this spring. Look for the band returning to the road in May.

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