With a massive smoking skull onstage, Amon Amarth brought viking metal to PlayStation Theater in the heart of Times Square in support of their brand new album Jomsviking.

The Swedish vikings played brand new tracks such as their lead single “First Kill” as well as “One Against All,” “The Way of Vikings,” “At Dawn’s First Light,” “One Thousand Burning Arrows” and “Raise Your Horns,” which everyone in the audience certainly did. At one point, vocalist Johan Hegg took a tumble as he slipped on a spilled beer fans threw, but the giant got up swiftly and with a large smile on his face.

The New York crowd went especially crazy and pits opened up to Viking tunes like “Death in Fire,” “Runes to My Memory” and “The Pursuit of Vikings.” Toward the end of the forceful set Lars-Göran Petrov of Entombed A.D. graced the stage once again to perform “Guardians of Asgaard” with Amon Amarth. The night ended with a fan favorite “Twilight of the Thunder Gods.” May Odin guide Amon Amarth back to New York City time and time again, horns will be raised and the beer will flow.

Entombed fans were in high spirits as Entombed A.D. took the stage beforehand. Petrov marched around the stage and made wacky faces to the audience in between Entombed anthems like “Left Hand Path,” “Revel in Flesh” and “Living Dead.” Exmortus are currently touring in promotion of their new release Ride Forth and got the blood pumping early on as they opened up the show.

Check out our photo gallery of Amon Amarth performing in New York City.

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