If you're just discovering Evanescence for the first time — first of all, welcome — but also, vocalist Amy Lee named the best song for you to check out to further your fandom.

The rockers' 2003 debut album Fallen essentially turned them into heavy music superstars overnight, thanks to tracks such as "Going Under," "My Immortal" and, of course, "Bring Me to Life." However, Lee doesn't think that any of the songs from that particular record, or even its follow-ups The Open Door (2006) and Evanescence (2011), are the appropriate tracks to get someone more into the band.

"I feel like we got better after that. I know it seems weird to pick something off our new album [The Bitter Truth], but I think I would," the singer told Metal Hammer. "I think it'd probably be maybe the first track off the new album, 'Broken Pieces Shine.' I feel like that encapsulates something thematically and lyrically that is very us. There's something about being the different ones, about being the broken ones, about being the people who have been through something. Those are our people."

On the album, "Broken Pieces Shine" is actually preceded by a two-part introductory track called "Artifact/The Turn." Lee told us in an interview last year that she wrote and recorded the "Artifact" portion of it in a hotel room while on tour in 2019. The lyrics served as a tribute to her brother, who died in 2018. The end of "The Turn" portion then builds up more and transitions into "Broken Pieces Shine."

"I've always sort of seen this album, the moment, like where it begins and what it's about, is it begins sort of at ground zero of a tragedy. The result of the album is about the journey getting back up," she explained. "So when I hear those guitars, and the first line starts, 'There's no way back this time / What is real and what is mine / Survival hurts,' it's like I see somebody face-down on the ground standing back up again and dusting off, clawing back up and then starting to walk forward and refuse to just lay there and die."

Evanescence are hitting the road with Korn next week. The trek will kick off in Denver, Colo. and wrap up mid-September in Ridgefield, Washington. Get tickets here.

Evanescence - 'Artifact/The Turn' + 'Broken Pieces Shine'

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