Voice of the Void is the second album from Canada's Anciients, a band whose sound has gelled into something even more fluid and dynamic than their impressive debut. With nods to established veterans and boundary-pushers like Opeth and Mastodon, the've crafted nine sprawling songs that conjure a range of moods across an ambitious but rewarding 67 minutes. Loudwire has the exclusive first look at the entire record streaming in the player above ahead of the Oct. 14 release via Season of Mist.

"This record includes some of our heaviest music and darkest themes to date," Anciients Kenneth Cook (guitar, vocals) said about Voices of the Void. Album opener "Following the Voice" is an adrenaline rush with rollicking drums that have a flair for the anthemic, especially under the more melodic riffage, echoing the group's sentiments right from the beginning. "We travelled a bit further from some of the classic rock elements that were throughout our previous record," they added, though the sounds are in place on spots like the cinematic "Serpents" and the "Descending" interlude. Focusing "a bit more on the metal aspects of [their] sound this time around," the evidence is found on parts like the mid-section of "Worshipper," complete with Mikael Akerfeldt-esque growls amidst the beautifully clean song counterparts.

Voice of the Void for me, is the logical progression musically and lyrically from Heart of Oak," said Chris Dyck (guitar, vocals). "It goes further in each direction we explored on the debut — heavy parts are heavier, fast parts are faster and so forth. In terms of theme / lyrics, this record is far more cynical and less hopeful than the debut. It metaphorically addresses some life choices / paths, etc. and what we see happening in the world — its a darker and more pissed off album. I feel like we have hit our stride and I'm stoked as Hell to get on the road and play these songs live. Thanks to everyone for all the support so far!"

Voice of the Void was recorded with Jesse Gannder and Mark McKitrick at Rain City Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia, and was mastered by Alan Douches who also mastered the debut.

Pre-orders for Voice of the Void (out Oct. 14) can be placed at Season of Mist's webstore where you can find bundle packages including a variety of shirts with CD, vinyl and cassette options. Get more information about the band and stay up to date at Anciients' Facebook page.

Anciients, Voice of the Void Artwork

Season of Mist
Season of Mist

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