Anders Colsefni is currently on his Australian/New Zealand tour playing all of Slipknot's first album, Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat., and footage from the first show in Sydney has emerged.

The record was released on Halloween of 1996 and, while it is Slipknot's first official full length, it's often regarded as a demo. The band would later sign to Roadrunner Records and release their self-titled album in 1999, which many consider to be the more proper launch point.

Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. represents vocalist Colsefni's lone studio recording with Slipknot as he was replaced by Corey Taylor in 1997. The album itself is rather raw and primitive, offering hints at where Slipknot would eventually take their groundbreaking music.

Taylor even lamented the fact that he won't be able to catch any of Colsefni's shows "down under" (the only ones the vocalist has booked), but expressed full support for the vocalist back in June, confident that Colsefni is going to "crush" the performances.

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Regarding the performance, Colsefni was backed by a group who, visually, lightly resembled Slipknot, outfitted with strange masks and overalls. Colsefni, meanwhile, appears to have brought as much vocal power as he did bondage gear, stalking the stage in a kilt lined with animal pelts and, above the waist, a lot of leather straps over his bare torso and streaks of black tape wrapped around his face, an approximation of his mid-'90s Slipknot image.

See the setlist and watch video footage below.

Prior to starting the tour, Colsefni issued a statement about his intentions, saying, in part, "My performances as part of this tour are dedicated to my fallen brothers, Joey [Jordison] and Paul [Gray]. I miss you both dearly. I will be drawing on you both to deliver these songs to our fans with the same level of aggression and volatility that we did together 27 years ago."

Anders Colsefni Setlist — Oct. 11, 2023 (via

01. "Slipknot"
02. "Gently"
03. "Do Nothing/Bitchslap"
04. "Only One"
05. "Tattered & Torn"
06. "Confessions"
07. "Some Feel"
08. "Killers Are Quiet"

Anders Colsefni and The Feeders, Live in Sydney, Australia (Oct. 11, 2023)

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