These days, artist collaborations come to fruition much easier than in the pre-Internet era. The ability to send files digitally has brought us legions of new supergroups and side projects, sometimes with the members being oceans apart. Anthrax have a history of working with other artists, namely their groundbreaking work with Public Enemy, and drummer Charlie Benante was recently asked who else he'd like to partner up with musically.

Maximum Ink spoke with the Anthrax skinsman about a number of topics, including collaborative work, to which Benante responded, "I would love to do something with Jack White." Elaborating, the drummer explained, "I think he is someone who is very gifted and someone who 'gets it' in the music world." He went on to call White's work with The White Stripes "way ahead of its time" since the band was just a two-piece outfit backed by drummer Meg White.

Benante also said Jack White producing a Loretta Lynn record "was just f--king awesome" before going on to detail his earlier inspirations, which came from English bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. "The style on how to write songs always came from over there. It wasn't until KISS or Van Halen that rock got that American feel. The late '70s was a great time for music," he added, also noting, "I think Jack has his finger on the pulse."

Earlier this year, Scott Ian put the word out that he would love to have Anthrax work with Lady Gaga. He explained that Gaga and Benante recently became friends, which could potentially open the door for work together. The guitarist maintained a lighthearted attitude toward the possibility, adding that she would sound great singing on a rock record, finishing up, "Let us be your backing band. Let us be your backing band, Lady Gaga. We could make beautiful music together."

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