Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian is a horror film fanatic and his love of the genre along with his celebrity status has resulted in several cool opportunities in recent years. In addition to appearing as a zombie in AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Ian has taken things a step further by hosting the Fangoria series, 'Blood and Guts.'

The show takes fans behind the scenes to see how some of the gruesome television and horror film effects are created, straight from the artists, directors and gore gurus who've mastered the bloody awesomeness we've seen on screen.

With one season under his belt, Ian will return as host for season two and a new trailer has surfaced to promote series' return. In it, we see highlights of Ian being "killed" in several grotesquely glorious ways with the help of horror effects artists. There's also the hint of things to come with the guitar great being led through several stunts, undergoing full makeup transformations and more.

Fangoria's 'Blood and Guts' returns on March 19 and can be found on The Nerdist YouTube Channel. Watch the Season Two trailer below.

Watch Scott Ian in Fangoria's 'Blood and Guts' Season Two Trailer