As I Lay Dying have premiered the video (and the song) 'A Greater Foundation' from their upcoming album 'Awakened,' which drops Sept. 25.

The clip features the sweaty band, all tattooed and rocking out, surrounded by a circle pit of moshing fans and graffiti on the walls. It's all the hallmarks of a quality metal video.

There's lots of testosterone, with the fans running around the band in a circle, like a whirlpool. But it's not meaningless, mindless mosh. There's a real release of tension through the movement and the music, especially since ' A Greater Foundation' is a fraternal, call-to-arms, singalong anthem that invites brotherly camaraderie through moshing. The clip shows the close bond between the San Diego band and its fans.

The video is mostly comprised of the performance and the circle pit footage, with some clips of somber looking man with a suitcase full of sand and a little boy sitting in front of multiple TVs. It sends the message that time could be running out and that time is precious, so don't waste it.

"The energy of this video reminds me of what it felt like back when I first started going to shows and getting in the pit," frontman Tim Lambesis told Pure Volume. "The chaos of fans and band colliding is the kind of connection we've always tried to have. Everyone who participated in the shoot had an amazing time and you can tell."

You sure can. For upwards of three minutes, you'll be transported to an AILD show.

Watch As I Lay Dying 'A Greater Foundation' Video