As we just reported, As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis is heading to prison for six years after being sentenced Friday (May 16) for his role in a murder-for-hire plot. Right after the sentencing was announced, published an extensive interview with the metal singer in which he talks about the case, his troubled marriage and his future in music.

In the interview, Lambesis opens up about his estranged wife Meggan, who was the target of the murder-for-hire plot, and adds that the whole situation has brought him back down to earth. He explains, "I hit rock bottom. I lost everything. The trauma, the solitude: It made me the person I think they [my family and Meggan] hoped I would eventually become. I know I have a long road ahead of me. I know that making amends will be a difficult process. But if they are open for it, this story of tragedy turning into redemption, it's a story that's just as much in their hands at this point as it is mine. They wanted to see me go through whatever it took to make me a good father. Now I have and I'm not allowed to be a father."

As for his mindset at the time of his arrest, Lambesis talks about how his steroid use affected mental state. "When I was arrested, I had come off testosterone-based steroids. My hormone levels were really unbalanced. Your body naturally produces a decent level of testosterone and keeps your estrogen levels under that, if you’re a guy. When you take testosterone, it elevates your level to 10 times what your body is normally doing."

Lambesis takes all the blame and adds that if there's anything that can be done to help the healing process, his family deserves his best efforts to make that happen.

As for his future in music, "It’s up for debate whether or not Metal Blade Records would own anything I do. And [releasing music under] the As I Lay Dying name is clearly not appropriate at this time; it may never be. Now is not the time to evaluate that."

He added, "I’m not necessarily writing a solo record, because Metal Blade could tie that up. I’m not really writing an As I Lay Dying record. It’s really just music for my friends, my family and myself. They will eventually see the light of day, but I’m not writing with any grand expectations."

Lambesis says that after his arrest, Metal Blade was not necessarily interested in anything he did, but after the success of his Austrian Death Machine project that was released through Artery Recordings, there's interest again. But the rocker says, "I'm making music as therapy through this difficult time. If it becomes this big standstill about marketing and record labels, I'd rather these songs never see the light of day."

As for the music, Lambesis states, "I'm a limited vocalist. I yell. I scream. There are, like, four things I can do [laughs]. I write music that will fit with my voice, so that music tends to be aggressive, which tends to be metal. And so no matter what I write, it always ends up sounding like As I Lay Dying."

The fascinating interview, which also goes deeper into his marriage, the adoption of his children, his weightlifting obsession and much more, can be read at

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