A couple weeks ago, former Asking Alexandria singer Danny Worsnop made headlines when he told Alternative Press that the reason he left the UK metalcore band was because he felt it "lost its artistic integrity." We wanted to get Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce's reaction to that statement when we interviewed him at Rock on the Range this past weekend.

Worsnop, who now fronts the band We Are Harlot and is also working on a solo country-flavored album, said in the aforementioned interview, "My priority always lies with my art, and that has never changed and will never change. I ended up leaving [Asking Alexandria] because it lost the art to me. It lost its artistic integrity in my eyes. It was just selling out and that’s not what I do.”

Bruce, in the exclusive video interview above, responded by telling Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez, "What's really annoying about [Danny's comment] is he's an Englishman singing country music with an American accent. Where's your integrity? What are you talking about? We've done what we've always loved to do since day one. We didn't change. He did. For the fact that he can sit there and say that, I think it's bullshit. It's not true."

Check out the exclusive video interview with Ben Bruce above.

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