Attila vocalist Chris Fronzak says he has a business plan to resurrect Warped Tour. The musician and businessman publicly reached out to Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman for a meeting to bring the legendary touring festival back from the dead.

Fronzak says he wants to get Warped Tour started again to “prove to the world that rock isn’t dead.” It’s certainly a cause we can all get behind, but even with 25 years of experience, Lyman couldn’t put together a plan to keep the wheels turning. In a new interview with Kerrang!, however, Lyman points to the loss of community as a main factor of Warped’s end.

“Warped Tour was not feeding my soul and my heart as much as you put in. Because Warped Tour was 90 percent about the community and 10 percent about the money, it really was. And some people I’m sure will say bullshit, but it’s true. I built that because I wanted to keep people coming to see live music. I wanted to build a community… And I’d lost that, that spirit was taken out of me for multiple reasons,” Lyman admits. [via PRP]

Fronzak, however, is quite the businessman himself. After a great deal of thought, the Attila frontman took a chance earlier today:

I really want to bring @VansWarpedTour back. Let's set up a meeting soon @KevinLyman. I promise I won't let you down. I've been in the music scene for over 15 years, I've built a legacy, I created a lifestyle, a record label, I even bought out my favorite record label growing up. I might as well take over my favorite tour & create a legacy for the future generations to come. The world needs it.

I've honestly been thinking about this for 2 years now. In this time period I've formulated a business plan and setup that would be viable for both bands and @VansWarpedTour itself. I have a chip on my shoulder and I wanna prove to the world that rock isn't dead.

Lyman has not publicly responded as of this posting, but considering the kind words he recently had for Attila, it’s hard to imagine Lyman not taking a phone call from Fronzilla.

“I really think before you pass judgment on people, you need to meet them face to face,” Lyman told Loudwire. “I think these bands are passing judgment on each other. People say, “I don’t wanna play Warped Tour because those bands play Warped Tour.” No, go play Warped Tour and steal their fans. A lot of people go, “I don’t wanna be on a tour with Attila.” And if you spend time with Attila, they’re not bad. They’re not causing problems. I look at Attila; they draw a lot of kids. And you know what? Maybe at 15 singing “Suck My Fuck” is cool, but by the time you’re 18 you’re probably gonna grow out and like another band.”

“Now, their music’s good. Attila got a lot of respect last summer from the musicians because they were like, “These guys know how to play.” Maybe the lyrics are a little wacky, but you know what? Maybe these bands are gonna grow up and realize that there’s other people saying other things.”

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