In the concert hierarchy, security are there to protect the band and the fans during shows, but at a recent show in Milwaukee, security at the Turner Hall Ballroom felt the wrath of Attila after the band became upset with security allegedly roughing up one of the concertgoers.

Not happy with what they were seeing from security, Attila guitarist Chris Linck entered the crowd and not long after a brawl escalated. Singer Chris Fronzack also entered the crowd before making his way back to the stage, shouting at security for the actions going on at the show. You can see footage from the incident in the player above, which eventually gets a little shaky when the action in the crowd spills over to where the person is filming.

After the show, the band's Twitter account tweeted, "Milwaukee you guys are incredible. Sorry that the entire show ended with us fighting the security. We just care about you guys too much. We will always stand up for our fans. If someone hurts you, we will jump off the stage & fight the s--t out of them. Nobody hurts our fans." Chris Fronzack also added a series of tweets that can be read below.

In addition, the band later released a statement on the matter to The Sickest. It reads as follows:

I don’t condone violence or think it’s necessary in most scenarios but last night got way out of hand. I’ve seen it happen way too many times where security gets overly aggro and abuses their power. Your job is to keep fans safe and keep the band safe and a lot of you security guards just have no clue about the nature of a metal show. Kids are gonna crowd surf. Kids are gonna stage dive. That’s what this music is all about. When I clearly TOLD kids to crowd surf, you don’t f--king hurt them. You don’t punch them in the head. That shit makes me sick to my stomach. Your job as security isn’t an excuse to be violent towards music fans. If you hurt our fans, we are going to hurt you. Plain and simple. Our fans came to have a good experience and we will ALWAYS have their back. We will FIGHT on behalf of our fans if that’s what it takes. Sorry to everyone that had to see s--t get violent and sorry we had to cut the show short, but that just doesn’t fly with us.

Attila are currently out on the road in support of their Chaos album. The trek continues stateside through late March, before they spend a majority of April in Europe. See all of their scheduled dates here.

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