Members of Attila are currently being sued by two security guards at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, Nevada following a physically violent clash between them and the band at a 2018 performance at Rage Fest.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has reported that the lawsuit was filed in Clark County District Court on Wednesday (Feb. 17). It has been alleged that singer Chris Fronzak, guitarist Christopher Linck and bassist Kalan Blehm were "lunging after, punching, attacking, kicking, throwing objects at, and/or striking" the security guards in question.

Regarding the injuries sustained by security personnel, the document describes "all or some of which conditions may be permanent and disabling in nature."

Footage from the night (seen below) captured part of the moment, after tensions had already escalated between Attila and the security present at the Hard Rock Cafe. Fronzak, who faced sexual misconduct allegations last summer, is seen berating the security guards, who he claimed were treating his fans in a hostile manner, and later punches one in the back of the head.

Elsewhere in the clip, the band tosses microphone stands and other pieces of stage equipment in the direction of the yellow-vested security guards.

The singer tweeted about the incident in the early morning hours after the Aug. 22 show, and first said, "Just had to fight security again god damn........ shows over.... Videos coming soon...,, Sorry Las Vegas."

Presumably, by stating "again," Fronzak was referencing a previous violent encounter with security at a 2017 show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

That afternoon, he later reflected, "Man I wish y'all could see everything I saw from my point of view. Of course the videos only show me after I fucking snapped. The videos don't show these abusive motherfuckers that were choking my fans and powerslamming them into concrete."

Las Vegas' News 3 reported on the escalation of violence at the Rage Fest show and an anonymous fan corroborated Fronzak's viewpoint. "You see the band going after the security after they had been kind of rough with the fans throughout the night," said fan. "I would see them grabbing the fans. Almost like putting them in chokeholds while walking them away."

Jay Purvis, Vice President of Contemporary Services Corporation, who staffed the venue's security that night, said at the time that all the security guards were "professional" in how they executed their responsibilities at the show.

He also noted a total of three security guards were injured — two of them sustained punches by Fronzak to the back of the head and another guard was hit in the back with a guitar. The News 3 report also indicated that Purvis said all of the security guards were doing fine following the clash.

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