Atilla have released a controversial new song, "Metalcore Manson," which, as is typical for the band, has drawn a divisive reaction for its lyrical content, which is overtly over-sexualized and misogynistic.

The title is in reference to frontman Chris 'Fronz' Fronzak's polarizing persona as he perceives himself to be the subgenre's equivalent of shock rock industrialist Marilyn Manson. It's worth noting sexual misconduct allegations have been levied against both Fronzak and Manson over the last year, which positions the song as, at the least, made in extremely bad taste and, at the worst, making light of very serious situation that has harmed multiple women.

In "Metalcore Manson," Fronzak alludes to his non-musical career path, which has led him to starring in and filming pornographic scenes, which are available on his OnlyFans account.

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For someone who exudes the notion of "no fucks given," he seems to be downright obsessed with how others view him, using the song as yet another chance to boast about his lifestyle (naked women cleaning his house, having sex with other people's partners and being rich) while deriding anyone who denounces his character.

In what may be perceived as an attempt to be shocking, Fronzak is simply stirring controversy for the sake of it, inviting more haters to criticize him, which will inevitably fuel the crunkcore pioneer's future lyrical endeavors. "Hate me, hate me, never gonna date me," he says in part of the new song.

Regarding shock rock, it's an art form. Controversial imagery and other tactics are used to generate a conversation around a certain topic, but consistently with a defined purpose and message of intent behind it. In other words, there's a big picture.

Labeling yourself as any version of Marilyn Manson, especially after the testimony of actress Evan Rachel Wood and many others alleging extreme sexual and psychological abuse against the rocker, and tying it into themes of sexual pride and power while using derogatory terms for the women you're having these relations with, is not shock rock. It is not artistic. It is grotesque, barbaric and damaging to all victims of sexual abuse and a lame, desperate vie for attention with blatant disregard for sexual criminality.

In addition to several allegations of abuse by Manson, many of his peers (former bandmates, assistants, partners, etc.) have supported the victims' claims and vouched that the allegations were indeed factual. We should also note that Manson's ex wife Dita Von Teese said physical abuse was not a part of their relationship.

If Fronzak had abstained from his dim-witted song title and comparison, this latest track would have been another tasteless addition to the Attila catalog.

In June of last year, a woman named Roxy Vienna relayed her alleged sexual encounters with Fronzak, which she says took place while she was 17 years old, though she admitted she falsely informed him that she was 19.

In a series of tweets, she described Fronzak as taking advantage of her inebriated, "blacked out" state, ignoring her requests to not pursue sexual activity and that he later acknowledged he knew she was lying about her age.

Fronzak later issued a statement of denial, explaining his behavior while alleging one of his ex-girlfriends was playing a role in Vienna's story surfacing.

Attila are known for being over-the-top in an effort to rouse shock and outrage, but in this case comparing yourself (someone accused of sexual assault) to Marilyn Manson (an alleged abuser) to get people to pay attention to your song that is degrading toward women just seems reckless.

Perhaps it's some attempt to take aim at cancel culture, however these are actually the types of allegations we all should be taking a serious look into. In the end,  the result is just a feckless grab for attention.

Read the lyrics to Attila's "Metalcore Manson" below. Loudwire has elected not to embed the music video.

Atilla, "Metalcore Manson" Lyrics

Bitches butt naked clean my house when I hit the road.
Naked in the hot tub send the photo to my phone.
First I got a ‘Rarri then I copped the Lamborghini, then I
crashed my Lamborghini, just so I could cop a better whip.
Bitches sending tiddies bout to send me on an ego trip.
Stacked a buncha racks, I’ma triple it, and double it.
My girlfriend got a girlfriend got a girlfriend and we all fuckin’
orgies on the reg, gang bangin’ I ain’t even frontin’

Fucked your bitch!
Yeah, she sucked my dick.
Gonna drink that sip, make a mill, get rich!
Metalcore mansion, Naked bitches dancin’
Killed the fucking game, Call me “Metalcore Manson!”

First I make money then I find a girl to bust a nut in.
Baby momma rich too, y’all bitches could never touch it.
Whole squad killin’ it, richer than a motherfucker.
You’re fake flexin’ for the gram, you a cocksucker!
My Versace chains authentic, verified rich.
You run your mouth for no reason cuz you’re a bitch.
Hate me, hate me, never gonna date me!
Bitch, I’m untouchable. You could never change me.

Throwin’ hundreds like they ones.
Money ain’t shit son, so get your mind right.
If the times right, I’m in the limelight.
Takin advantage of every moment I’m handed,
I’m fuckin’ famous pornstars in the Metalcore Mansion.
Don’t believe me but it’s happening, my life is a movie.
Go check my 0nIyFans and prove it. Don’t believe me? Then sue me.

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