When Avenged Sevenfold announced they had teamed with Cirque du Soleil's production company for a brand new stage design, imaginations ran wild at the possibilities of what this would look like. Now that the band has performed their first show of the year, we no longer have to wonder what the team dreamed up.

Performing in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday (Jan. 7), Avenged Sevenfold fans in attendance were the first to witness this visually intensive stage production. As seen in the footage of "Paradigm" above, the set incorporates a series of staggered, elongated rectangular screens and one massive, multi-faceted block which hangs above the front of the stage.

Projected onto these screens are multimedia clips while the bookend screens alternate live camera feeds to show each member of the group in action. “The production that’s being built is different for us, different for anyone I’ve ever seen, the people we’ve hired don’t do tours, they do Cirque du Soleil,” singer M. Shadows told Metal Hammer when speaking about the new design prior to its debut.

More angles can be seen in the footage below where Avenged Sevenfold perform the songs "Angels" and "Bat Country."

Avenged have a number of European dates with Disturbed running through early March as they support their latest release, The Stage. “This is gonna be drawn out into different types of touring. We’re not going on tour for six months, it’ll be two weeks on, two weeks off," M. Shadows said, adding, “It’ll be a longer cycle but we’re gonna roll with the punches. We’re an oddball. A lot of bands live, breathe and die the 2016 metal scene, but we just live in our own world and try to do things different than everyone else. I don’t ever feel like we fit in. We’re going to be whatever we feel is right, and if it changes the industry, then great.”

Avenged Sevenfold, "Angels"

Avenged Sevenfold, "Bat Country"

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