In the second battle in Round 2 of the March Metal Madness 2014 competition, we've got two of modern metal's top acts facing off. Which one will advance in the competition to determine the best 21st century metal album? That's up to you.

In one corner, we've got Avenged Sevenfold and their sophomore set, 'Waking the Fallen.' They bested Machine Head's 'The Blackening' to advance to the second round. Though Avenged Sevenfold had yet to achieve massive commercial success with 'Waking the Fallen,' the disc stands as document of their future greatness. Songs such as 'Eternal Rest,' 'Second Heartbeat' and 'Unholy Confessions' laid the groundwork for the band.

Their opponent will be Children of Bodom's 'Follow the Reaper,' which advances over Meshuggah's 'obZen' to continue to compete against Avenged Sevenfold's 'Waking the Fallen.' The disc from the Finnish outfit gave us such metal favorites as 'Every Time I Die,' 'Hate Me' and the title track. And for those looking for technical excellence, check out the song 'Children of Decadence.'

So will you choose Avenged Sevenfold's 'Waking the Fallen' or Children of Bodom's 'Follow the Reaper' to advance in the March Metal Madness Devil Horn Region? Vote for your favorite 21st century metal album in the poll below.

(This poll will end on Sunday, March 16 at 11:59 PM EST. Fans are able to vote once per hour, so keep coming back to make sure your favorite album wins!)