In the past, we compiled a list of all of the nicest things Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose has done, because honestly, there aren't many lists that highlight his good side. But, we know the people really love the debauchery.

Rose has gotten into his fair share of altercations with people over the years, both verbal and physical. In fact, even as a youngster, he was getting into trouble with the police in his hometown of Lafayette, Indiana. As he made his way west across the U.S. to the City of Angels, the bad-boy streak in him didn't fade. If anything, having to adjust to life there only exemplified it.

It's been a while since we've heard of the singer getting into any brawls, aside from going off on some people on Twitter (thank goodness he didn't have a Twitter in the '90s). But Rose used to be the kind of guy who'd call someone out from the stage if they were causing problems during one of his performances. He was the kind of guy who'd call out a bunch of writers in a song, challenging them to fight. He's the kind of guy who'd punch a paparazzo in a public place for pushing around one of his loved ones.

Since he has a reputation for standing up for himself and speaking his mind, it's led to him being considered one of the more controversial frontmen in rock 'n' roll history. We're not here to judge his past actions — you can read about the situations that occurred and come up with your own sentiments about how he handled them. We're just here to show that Rose was never a man to be messed with.

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