While rockers are known to trash rooms, a New York based landlord has nothing but high praise for his onetime tenant Axl Rose. However, there is a caveat to his recommendation -- the Guns N' Roses rocker may have never set foot in his apartment.

In a piece on Vulture.com, Steve Fishman details his stint as Rose's landlord, calling him "the best tenant ever." As the story goes, Rose reportedly was looking to move from Malibu to New York and found the perfect place in Fishman's Tribeca apartment. The owner describes it as "a place without glaring sunlight, but with lots of space."

He recalls, "Axl came by to see the apartment twice. Once my wife was there, and she reported that he played enthusiastically with our dog and snorted at people who liked spaced 'bathed in light' as the realtors say. He loved the place."

Fishman reveals that Rose agreed to pay an extraordinary rent for the apartment and that he and his wife moved out quickly so that the singer could move in, but here's where things get weird. "[Move-in day came] … and then it went. So did the second and a third date. Still Axl didn't move in," recalls Fishman. "My family and I followed Axl's travels via Google alerts -- he was touring in Abu Dhabi and playing a birthday party in Russia. We were repeatedly told by his very nice assistants, a mother and son team, that he was definitely planning to move to New York, which we were informed he'd fallen in love with."

But at the one-year mark, there was no sign that Rose had ever occupied the apartment. Still, the rocker renewed the lease and did so with an increased rent. The landlord adds, "As far as I can tell, Axl never set foot in my place after his initial viewings. I wondered if he remembered that he'd rented it … Still, the rent checks kept coming, which is all I cared about." When a potential third year arrived in early 2013, Rose's management decided not to renew, ending the singer's "ghost" rental at two years.

Fishman concludes, "People have mixed views of Axl Rose, but as a landlord, I loved him. If he ever needs a recommendation, I'll happily write: Quiet, undemanding and he pays his rent."