We live in strange times and Bad Religion vocalist Greg Graffin knows it. One semi-recent phenomena is a willful rejection of facts that seems to be plaguing the U.S., and Graffin had an interesting take on today’s cultural landscape.

Greg Graffin isn’t just a punk rock legend. He’s a PhD holder in Zoology and a college professor who has taught at Cornell and UCLA. As a trained scientist and teacher, Graffin has a deep appreciation for factual knowledge, so he finds it frustrating how often people are pelted with false news, especially through social media.

“It’s troubling to see how willing most people are to believe what they read on Facebook because 10 of their friends say it’s true, therefore it must be true,” says Graffin. “Facts will always rule the day. It may take longer in this climate for them to get discovered, but it’s never been more important, even if you don’t have any Facebook friends, to state the facts.”

Graffin continues, “Facts today may be pushed to the background, but they will be uncovered. Even though it’s dark times for facts, it’s never been more important to state them.”

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