Bad Religion legend Greg Graffin’s new solo album, Millport, is out today (March 10)! We invited Graffin into our studio to chat about the new folk record for this exclusive interview.

Millport is Graffin’s third solo album combining elements of folk, roots and Americana. It’s a far cry from punk rock, but at the same time, the songwriting for Millport isn’t a far cry from Bad Religion tracks like “Sorrow” and “Man With a Mission.”

“I really believe that it doesn’t really matter what genre you’re drawn to as your initial love of music,” Graffin says. “If you really like the elements of music, you can find melody, harmony, song structure in any of the genres. I think those kinds of elements are on display in this current album.”

It may surprise longtime fans that Graffin finds inspiration in religious music and actually utilizes those dynamics in his own compositions. “That’s the one thing that I can really get into [about religion],” Graffin explains. “The music is something that is undeniable in my experience and it’s something that has moved me to be a better singer and to harmonize with other people. I was insulated from the church except for the fact that my mother and her brother, who were brought up in a very strict religious household, handed down this music to us. I was introduced to the best elements of the church through the music.”

Check out our chat with Greg Graffin above and be sure to pick up a copy of Millport by clicking here!

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