We're extremely proud to introduce Angolan metal band Before Crush. Though they've lived through a violent civil war, extreme poverty and constant political unrest, the members of Before Crush have found strength and passion within heavy metal music. From Angola's first-ever metal compilation CD, we bring you the exclusive premiere of Before Crush's 'Celebrar.'

Before Crush is one of the featured bands showcased within the phenomenal documentary 'Death Metal Angola.' As the movie hit film festivals worldwide, Before Crush began to receive some noteworthy attention. The band recently performed at the Rock No Rio Festival in Catumbela and will rock the Avalanche Rock & Metal Fest early next year. Currently, Before Crush are in Germany, scheduled to play the 49°MetalZone Festival on Oct. 26.

Although Before Crush are influenced by metalcore, 'Celebrar' is far more dynamic than your average metalcore cut. The group delves into technical death metal and progressive metal throughout 'Celebrar,' creating a multi-dimensional listening experience. 'Celebrar' spearheads the Cube Records release 'You Failed…Now We Rule!', the first Angolan metal compilation CD in the African country's history. The collection of Angolan music may see a release date as soon as late November.

Before Crush write on their official Facebook page:

We are Metalcore band called Before Crush From Angola - Africa, since 2006 our lyrics refers to personal struggles,wars from our Country,and positive thoughts we sing in English and Portuguese.

'Death Metal Angola' is scheduled to screen at New York's DOC NYC film festival on Saturday, Nov. 16 at the IFC Theater in New York City. We highly recommend the film, so for more information on the 'Death Metal Angola' screening, its after party and director Jeremy Xido's panel discussion appearance on Nov. 18, click here.

Listen to 'Celebrar' by Before Crush in the player below!

Before Crush, 'Celebrar'