Behemoth have found themselves in the crosshairs of various governments and institutions for some time. Due to the band's Satanic lyrical and visual concepts, Behemoth have run into problems before, but most recently, a Behemoth concert has been canceled in the band's home country of Poland, which frontman Nergal calls "a political decision."

After a lengthy and complex legal process stemming from Nergal tearing up a Bible onstage in 2007, the Behemoth frontman was finally acquitted half a decade later. This year, Behemoth were detained upon entering Russia for a handful of gigs throughout the country. After begin held in horrendous conditions, Behemoth were deported and forced to cancel the planned shows.

In Behemoth's most recent controversy, the band was scheduled to play Poznan's Eskulap venue in Poland on Oct. 2. The venue actually also serves as a student dorm at the Poznan University of Medical Sciences. In a surprise letter from Poznan University of Medical Sciences President Jacek Wysocki, Behemoth learned their show was canceled due to "a concern for the safety of students and campus workers." Behemoth would respond, "We have no doubt it is a political decision. It's not the first clampdown on national artists. Poznan, instead of being a free culture centre, begins to resemble Russia."

Behemoth attempted to postpone the concert to Oct. 6, but unfortunately cancelled shortly after. "After a closer inspection, we decided the quality of our concert would suffer too much," Behemoth posted. "We can't afford that at this stage of our career. We sincerely hope our fans will understand." (Rough translation)

These setbacks haven't stopped Behemoth in their tracks. The band continues to tour through Poland, although protesters have been picketing the act's concerts:


In defense of Behemoth, Polish musician Grzegorz Kupczyk wrote a lengthy piece which Behemoth posted on their Facebook page:


Behemoth will continue to tour Poland until Oct. 12, which additional European dates scheduled for 2014/15.