If you decide to visit your local YMCA, make sure you aren't wearing a Darkthrone shirt. Behemoth were kicked out of a YMCA in Virginia Beach yesterday (Aug. 14) for their religious beliefs after frontman Nergal was questioned about his Darkthrone shirt.

According to a post on Nergal's instagram, the band were simply trying to get a workout in before their Knotfest performance in Virginia with Gojira, Volbeat and Slipknot. Nergal was sporting a Darkthrone shirt, and the band members were asked if they worship Jesus Christ. "We don't, because we come from Poland, and we worship Odin. Just different thoughts, you know?" the frontman begins.

When Behemoth denied sharing the Christian beliefs of the YMCA, they were kicked out of the facility. "So we have to go to Anytime Fitness now, so hopefully they allow us to workout in Darkthrone shirts. That's just Norwegian black metal, the most fucking friendly music on earth, and they have issues with that! That's stupid."

Darkthrone commented on the matter on their Instagram as well after finding out what happened. On a screenshot of Nergal in their shirt, the band wrote, "[Nergal] was kicked out of a gym in the states where Behemoth are currently on tour yesterday because he was wearing a Darkthrone shirt and they asked him if he believed in Jesus Christ. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry when I heard about it."

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