In their latest video for ‘Here’s to Us,’ Halestorm had a blast giving their best take on genres of music from the past in the montage that pays homage to the hairband era of the '80s, the grunge scene of the '90s and the present day. In the brand new behind the scenes video seen above, debuting exclusively on Loudwire, the rockers show fans an intimate look at what life is like on a Halestorm video shoot.

‘Here’s to Us’ serves as the latest single from Halestorm’s second disc ‘The Strange Case Of…’ and the song holds a strong significance for the band. “This year marks the 10th year that the four of us have been Halestorm,” frontwoman Lzzy Hale shares during the behind the scenes filming. “It’s a very special song to the guys and I. We basically wrote it about ourselves and the incredible journey that we’ve been on together.”

Filmed at the famed El Ray Theater in Hollywood, Calif., the clip also shines a light on Halestorm’s loyal fanbase, showing the massive line of people that showed up for the shoot including a group of fans that drove more than 36 hours to be at the shoot – now that is dedication!

‘Here’s to Us’ follows in the footsteps of the band's Grammy-winning first single ‘Love Bites (So Do I),' as well as the hits 'I Miss the Misery' and 'Freak Like Me.'

Halestorm are currently out on the road doing what they do best, playing live rock 'n' roll. Check out all of their upcoming tour dates here.