Powerslave, Iron Maiden's classic fifth album from 1984, is getting the Funko Pop! treatment.

The effort's iconic cover art will become the Pop Album Powerslave vinyl figurine collectible, soon available to any and all metalheads who wish to display a memento of the powerful music. Online outlets such as GameStop and Books-A-Million already have the rocking toy up for pre-order for $14.99.

See photos of the figure near the bottom of this post.

In an announcement on Wednesday (Feb. 16), Funko gave fans their first look at the molded representation of the Egyptian-themed version of Iron Maiden mascot Eddie, known to heavy metal listeners worldwide for his regal visage on Powerslave.

The toy is part of Funko Fair 2022, which also includes a Five Finger Death Punch figure. The Pop Albums line of collectibles has featured albums by bands such as Metallica and KISS. Not to mention myriad other rock and metal Funkos. Of course, Funko has already made many different Iron Maiden Eddies too.

The Powerslave Pop comes in a protective display case (8.75" x 9.25" x 3.25") with the toy secured in place, so it won't easily move as you rock out around it. Behind it is a print of the album art, imbuing the figure with all the metal gravitas that the artwork carries.

Last year, Maiden issued their 17th album Senjutsu. It has the singles "The Writing on the Wall" and "Stratego." Their 2022 Legacy of the Beast tour starts this fall.

The Powerslave Pop should hit retail shelves in April. Sign up to be notified here.

Collect Iron Maiden's Powerslave album as the Pop! Album Powerslave collectible. Bring the heavy metal band into your collection by displaying this special Pop! Album of Powerslave which features a Pop! of the sphinxes and statue as seen on the album's cover and the album cover art packaged together in a protective case that can be hung on a wall. The Pop! inside is secured to the case to keep your display looking pristine and undisturbed by all the heavy metal music and head banging that's inevitable.

Iron Maiden Powerslave Funko Pop

Iron Maiden Pop Album Powerslave Figure (2)

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