It was the spring of '99 when a trio of sibling brothers from the Chicago suburb of Grayslake, Illinois, arrived on the music scene. And even though one of the Loefflers is no longer in the band, Chevelle's Pete and Sam Loeffler kept things in the family, adding brother-in-law Dean Bernardini to take over on bass a few years into their career. Over the span of the last decade-plus, Chevelle have been one of the steadiest rock bands going, never taking more than three years to turn around a new album. And in the process, they've generated hit song after hit song at rock radio and continually filled venues across the country with a relentless touring schedule. The band is set to help rock another venue later this month as they join the lineup for the 2015 Loudwire Music Festival. Ticketing details can be found here. Now lets take our hats off to Chevelle as we count down the band's 10 Best Songs below.

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    "Hunter Eats Hunter"

    From: 'La Gargola' (2014)

    Haunting, aggressive and ultimately sinister! Yes, we're talking about Chevelle's "Hunter Eats Hunter," the intense rocker from the band's 2014 La Gargola album. There's something very unsettling about this song and we like it. "How long should I feel like bait now," asks Pete Loeffler, who's ready to turn the tables, adding, "If it's my time, well I'm going out alone" as the song fades out with the faint sounds of something still clawing.

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    "Well Enough Alone"

    From: 'Vena Sera' (2007)

    Primal scream, Pete Loeffler be thy name! The Chevelle vocalist opens the song with a yell that rivals anything in rock, and that's just the first 10 seconds. As the song continues, it becomes a more dynamic track and a great showcase for Pete's vocals. This ponderous track also delves into our investigative tendencies and why we do or don't push far enough when we sense something amiss with loved ones.

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    "Letter From a Thief"

    From: 'Sci-Fi Crimes' (2009)

    They say write what you know, but in the case of Chevelle the event that inspired "Letter From a Thief" is not one that most acts would want to experience. The song came about after the group was robbed of some of their prize gear, but luckily recovered some of it later thanks to their fans. While the experience was unfortunate, the band did a rocking song out of it that turned into one of their biggest tunes to date.

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    "Hats Off to the Bull"

    From: 'Hats Off to the Bull' (2011)

    The red may be real, but you better watch out for the bull as well. The tenacity of the hoofed creature serves as the focal point of "Hats Off to the Bull,' the title track to Chevelle's 2011 album of the same name. As Pete Loeffler sings in the song, "So hats off to the bull / No giving up / Either way, it makes ya mad / Well some of us / Hats off to the bull, keep giving all / What ya say we make amends."

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    "The Clincher"

    From: 'This Type of Thinking Could Do Us In' (2004)

    Feel a little unnerved after listening to Chevelle's "The Clincher"? That's probably a good thing as the chugging rocker was penned about dealing with claustrophobia and the fear of being buried alive. Whether or not you pick up on the message, one thing is for certain -- "The Clincher" rocks.

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    "I Get It"

    From: 'Vena Sera' (2007)

    The heavy bass lines of Dean Bernardini and Sam Loeffler's drum beats working in perfect tandem really drive the upbeat yet heavy "I Get It." Meanwhile, Pete Loeffler offers the rather sarcastic "You're right, I get it / It all makes sense, you're the perfect person / So right, so wrong / Let's all live in your imaginary life" to someone putting an overly positive image on who they are.

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    "Take Out the Gunman"

    From: 'La Gargola' (2014)

    Chevelle take a little different approach with "Take Out the Gunman" from their La Gargola album. The sinister sounding track chugs along, while Pete Loeffler offers a more slinky delivery setting the mood for the the song. Yes, there is the intensity we've come to love from Chevelle, but they provide more of a feeling and vibe on this 2014 chart-topper.

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    "Send the Pain Below"

    From: 'Wonder What's Next' (2002)

    Chevelle may have been at their most melodic with the 2002 classic, "Send the Pain Below." A more restrained take in the verses perk the ears, while Pete Loeffler's "much like suffocating" repetition begs listeners to sing along. Add in a heavy mid-song breakdown, and this Wonder What's Next hit is definitely one of the band's best.

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    "Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)"

    From: 'This Type of Thinking Could Do Us In' (2004)

    Chevelle have often strayed from traditional tropes for inspiration, and with "Vitamin R," they chose to address a friend's struggle after being misdiagnosed with ADHD who developed an addiction to Ritalin. Musically, the song ebbs and flows along with rhythmic and hypnotic excellence, making for one infectious song.

  • 1

    "The Red"

    From: 'Wonder What's Next' (2002)

    The chugging guitar and bass, the drum and cymbal beats, the range of vocalist Pete Loeffler and some pretty great lyrics make "The Red" our pick for Chevelle's top song. This track, dealing with anger issues, has the perfect amount of aggression and building intensity to really leave a mark.

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