Ready to get pumped? Because Heart Attack Man are here to pump you up. The poppy Cleveland emo-punkers have shared with Loudwire a selection of exciting gym songs to get your workout going, all hand-picked by Heart Attack Man vocalist Eric Egan.

But don't expect just lively punk picks from Heart Attack Man, a trio along with drummer Adam Paduch and guitarist Ty Sickels. Pop and hip-hop also crop up with fiery picks to elevate your heart rate. Heart Attack Man's new album Freak of Nature is out May 26.

See the list of songs below.

Variety is the spice of life, after all, something  many of us learn as we get older (plus, BLACKPINK and Harms Way should be on more playlists together).

"The overarching theme [of Freak of Nature] is growing up," he says.

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The vocalist continues, "I spent my entire 20s just feeling completely out of place. It was like I hadn't found my people yet. In early adulthood, I went through a lot of shit mentally. With Freak of Nature, I'm embracing the fact I don't know what the hell I'm doing, but it's okay."

"Heart Attack Man, "Stick Up" (Music Video)

The band has issued the Freak of Nature numbers "Stick Up" and the title track so far. Heart Attack Man are touring the U.S. throughout the summer. Get more info here. Find Heart Attack Man on Apple Music, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

And guess what? Egan made a playlist of his gym songs — Heart Attack Man's "Big Tough Gym Playlist." Listen below. See his complete detailed song list underneath. Get Loudwire's newsletter for more.

Eric From Heart Attack Man's Big Tough Gym Playlist


  • BLACKPINK, "Shut Down"

    Put this song on as you’re walking into the gym and vainly attempt to tell me that you don’t feel like the baddest bitch in the entire universe — I will call you a liar and a fraud and we will both know that I’m right no matter how much you pretend. Shout out to all the weightlifting blinks out there.

  • Hatebreed, "Tear It Down"

    Hatebreed is peak gym music. They’re heavy as dick, they’re motivational and they’ve changed my life for the better. I urge all of our fans to let Hatebreed into their lives. There are so many bangers I could choose from but I’m going with this one.

  • SosMula, "Mix N Match"

    I’m a big City Morgue fan, and at the time of writing this I’m on tour working for them. There are plenty of top tier gym songs in their catalog, but I’ve found myself listening to SosMula’s solo music more and more in the past year and a half — it’s so hype, he’s a very underrated lyricist, and this song goes belligerently hard.

  • Trapped Under Ice, "Jail"

    TUI is my favorite hardcore band ever. Their music has helped me through so much and been the soundtrack to a lot of my life. TUI’s lyricism has always been on another level to me and just resonates on an elevated frequency. This song in particular has always been a favorite of mine. It’s hard to choose just one favorite, but this song is very uplifting for me and for that I say TUI till I die!!!

  • Foundation, "Purple Heart"

    When the breakdown at the end hits, are you kidding me?! So simple, yet so ungodly hard. It makes me want to take a really really big rock and turn it into thousands of tiny rocks. This band only released bangers and deserve more respect on their name.

  • Tommy Cash, $uicideboy$, Diplo, "Zuccenberg"

    This song is such a good gym song and the beat goes so crazy. It’s a favorite for cardio training because it’s perfectly in time with my running rhythm.

  • Gideon, "Bite Down"

    Gideon’s new album goes crazy and is definitely gonna be a favorite of the year for me, but this song has been a consistent track in the gym and is a favorite in the van on tour. Definitely at the top of the groove chain these days; so heavy.

  • Bitter End, "Means to an End"

    The record that this song is on is so damn good — elite late 2000s to mid 2010s crossover hardcore. This shit just sounds mean. Heavy bands from Texas are on another level.

  • Kublai Khan TX, "Self-Destruct"

    Speaking of bands from Texas, we gotta have one of my all time favorites. This band’s entire catalog is perfect gym music, and it’s REALLY hard to choose just one song of theirs for this list, but I’m going with this one because of how much of a power move it is for them to end the song with a drum and bass groove like that.

  • Harm's Way, "Call My Name"

    Rounding this list off with one of the best bands to do it. Seeing this band when I was in high school in the sketchiest DIY venue imaginable shaped me for better or for worse. They’re a prime example of a band whose discography has only gotten progressively better and better with each release. Listening to them at the gym makes me want to let the intrusive thoughts win and heave weights across the gym and scream.

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