A variety of newcomers and some of your favorite veteran rockers provided a wide array of standout songs in 2014. And for their efforts, the deserving acts have been rewarded with a nomination for the Best Rock Song of 2014 in the 4th Annual Loudwire Music Awards.

But which song should take the title? That's up to you. Check out a recap of some of 2014's best rock songs below and then vote in the poll provided at the bottom of the post for the track you think deserves to be named the 2014 Rock Song of the Year:

  • 'End of Me'

    A Day to Remember

    A Day to Remember upped their game with this powerful track about the end of a relationship, with listeners being able to pick up every little bit of emotion and juicy agony from vocalist Jeremy McKinnon.

  • 'True Trans Soul Rebel'

    Against Me!

    2014 was a triumphant year for Against Me!'s transgendered vocalist Laura Jane Grace, who addressed her transformation with the 'Transgender Dysphoria Blues' album. Perhaps one of the most poignant songs of the album and of the band's career was the catchy 'True Trans Soul Rebel,' a passionate song to say the least.

  • 'My Dying Time'

    Black Label Society

    Black Label Society typically rock hard, but Zakk Wylde showed off a more soulful side with the wickedly bluesy 'My Dying Time' off the band's 'Catacombs of the Black Vatican' disc. But for fans wanting to rock, Wylde does deliver a blistering solo midway in. 'My Dying Time' stands out as one of the top tracks of the group's career.

  • 'Talk S--t, Get Shot'

    Body Count

    Welcome back Body Count, led by the one and only Ice-T. The veteran hard-rock band returned with a strong statement against those trash talkers hiding behind a computer screen online. 'Talk S--t, Get Shot' gets the point across. Body Count are back and you best respect.

  • 'Drown'

    Bring Me the Horizon

    Bring Me the Horizon hold little back with their late 2014 single 'Drown,' a track that shows frontman Oli Sykes relying a little more on melody to offset his powerful screams. It's one of the most vulnerable songs of the band's career and worth of mention among the year's best.

  • 'Take Out the Gunman'


    The chugging guitar, the lurching low end and some impressive percussive work all blend perfectly on Chevelle's unnerving lead single 'Take Out the Gunman' from the 'La Gargola' album. And when the slow build finally erupts with Pete Loeffler's power-drenched vocals, you've got a truly satisfying track.

  • 'Eat You Alive'

    Emigrate featuring Frank Delle

    Emigrate are led by Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe, and the fist-pumping single 'Eat You Alive' featuring a guest spot from Seeed's Frank Delle is sure to grab your attention. This hard-driving rock track includes some nifty guitar work, and is one of the highlights on the band's stellar 'Silent So Long' disc.

  • 'Something From Nothing'

    Foo Fighters

    Foo Fighters came out with a truly electrifying lead single for their 'Sonic Highways' album with 'Something From Nothing.' Though it starts off innocently enough, the Foos can build a song and fill it with intensity like few others. By the time that special guest Rick Neilsen comes in with some heavy licks and Dave Grohl belts about earning respect from modest beginnings, you're fully rocked.

  • 'Moth'


    Hellyeah took some pretty big leaps in musical direction in 2014, but perhaps no song was more ambitious than 'Moth,' their slow-building hit song. The darkly beautiful track features hypnotic vocals from Chad Gray and some intricate drum work from Vinnie Paul. This song about addictive behavior surely left listeners wanting for more.

  • 'Coconut Dracula'


    Out of nowhere, Islander arrived on the scene in 2014 with an oddly titled track called 'Coconut Dracula.' And while the name may have caught some attention, it was the unique guitar licks and killer bass that pulled listeners in. Frontman Mikey Carvajal also shows impressive range on the song as the track ebbs and flows along.

  • 'Electric Halo'


    After breaking onto the scene a couple of years ago, Kyng emerged as a force to be reckoned with, due in part to the stellar lead single, 'Electric Halo,' from their sophomore disc 'Burn the Serum.' With some swampy guitar, wailing vocals and a well-versed story about a charismatic leader spinning fables, it was easy to buy into this rocker.

  • 'Rebellion'

    Linkin Park featuring Daron Malakian

    Linkin Park opened the gates to allow special guests on a few tracks from their album 'The Hunting Party,' and the song 'Rebellion' featuring System of a Down's Daron Malakian turned out to be a true standout. Malakian's System-esque vibe is definitely felt on the track, while Chester Bennington delivers ferocious vocals.

  • 'This Is the Time (Ballast)'

    Nothing More

    The Texas-based four piece Nothing More earned their spot as one of 2014's breakout bands with one of the year's biggest hits -- 'This Is the Time (Ballast).' Brutal bass, big time percussion, nifty noodling on guitar and singer Jonny Hawkins blend of melody and power work in unison to make one of 2014's can't-miss tracks.

  • 'Heaven Knows'

    The Pretty Reckless

    The Pretty Reckless earned their first chart-topper with the incredibly catchy 'Heaven Knows' off their 'Going to Hell' album. The track just begs listeners to clap and stomp along as Taylor Momsen unleashes some seriously bluesy swagger. This seductive rocker is a temptation we just can't resist.

  • 'Figure It Out'

    Royal Blood

    How much rock can come out of two guys? We found out in 2014 with the introduction of Royal Blood and their gritty and groovy single 'Figure It Out.' Step aside Jack White and look out Black Keys, Royal Blood are nipping at your heels with this foot-stomping, aggressive rock track.

  • 'Stars'

    Sixx: A.M.

    Do you want to go to heaven tonight? Sixx: A.M. ask that musical question in the song's opening line, then take you on a journey with a rock track that feels like it was sent from above. The opening guitar and bass work sets a unique sounding tone, while James Michael's vocals expertly deliver what feels like a timeless rock classic.

  • 'World on Fire'

    Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators

    Strap in and hold on tight as Slash is off to the races with some blistering guitar work at the beginning of the title track to his 'World on Fire' album. Add in some high energy drumming from Brent Fitz and a lyrical ode to striking while the fire is hot by Myles Kennedy and you've got the makings of a scorching track.

  • 'Telescope'


    Starset proved to be one of the year's more mysterious bands, and after rocking out of the gate with 'My Demons,' the band gave us a moody, atmospheric curve ball with 'Telescope.' Frontman Dustin Bates mines his way through the hypnotically-building song, then gives way at the end for a symphonically heavy conclusion.

  • 'Painkiller'

    Three Days Grace

    Have any doubts about Three Days Grace's ability to continue without Adam Gontier? 'Painkiller' should alleviate that. The band's first song featuring new frontman Matt Walst renewed the aggressive sounds of their earlier work and showed that Walst was more than up to filling Gontier's shoes and continuing the band's legacy of hit songs.

  • 'Just a Ride'

    The Virginmarys

    Just put The Virginmarys' 'Just a Ride' on play and get ready to rock out with a hard-driving track about a relationship soured. This frenetic rocker capped off the promotion of their 'King of Conflict' album and offered a great jumping off point for their next disc. With more songs like this, The Virginmarys should be more than "just a ride" for listeners for years to come.