"WAP" is one of the hottest songs in the world at the moment, with the Cardi B/Megan Thee Stallion collaboration garnering plenty of attention and pop world airplay. But you know a song is truly transcendent when other genres start picking up on it. Bringing "WAP" into the rock world, but with their own stamp, are Scottish rock outfit Biffy Clyro.

The band chose the hugely popular song as one of their selected performances during a recent BBC Radio 1 session, with frontman Simon Neil showing a more rap styled delivery as the band fleshed out the track into a rock song.

Dubbing their version as "WAB," alleviating any profanity issues by swapping the female anatomy mention with their own band name "Biffy," it takes on a cheekier vibe. The lyric “I said, certified freak/ Seven days a week/ If you’re not wet as Biffy / Then your riffin’ game weak“ right off the bat let's you know you're in for some fun with this version.

It's a bit of a minimalist instrumental approach for the group, that is until Neil and James Johnston deliver some blistering guitar playing late in their cover. Chants of "There's some Biff in this house" also make the band's take more enjoyable, with Neil having some fun at the end, revealing, "But it really is more of a theater."

While that ending was fun, Biffy Clyro are currently promoting their latest album, A Celebration of Endings. The rockers have delivered such standouts as "Instant History," "Tiny Indoor Fireworks" and "End Of" off the album so far. A Celebration of Endings was released last month and is available to purchase here.

Biffy Clyro, "WAP" (Cardi B / Megan Thee Stallion Cover)

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