New York natives Biohazard rocked the crowd at Gramercy Theater last night (Jan. 17) in their home city. Supporting acts included Wisdom in Chains. This is Hell, Sworn Enemy, IKILLYA and Wrench.

Biohazard clearly know how to get the fans moving with or without former singer Evan Seinfield. Billy Graziadei and bassist Scott Roberts split the vocal duties, and these hometown hardcore heroes put their blood, sweat and tears into the set.

The band performed a wide variety of songs, including fan favorites such as ‘Punishment,’ ‘Down for Life’ and ‘Retribution,’ as well as a few new ones, ‘Reborn,’ ‘Vengeance Is Mine’ and ‘Come Alive,’ off of their new album ‘Born in Defiance.'

Even though the band Wisdom in Chains is based in Pennsylvania, they got a lot of love from the New York crowd. The band definitely brought the heat as they got the blood of old school and new school moshers flowing.

The Long Islanders of This is Hell had a vigorous set and the band’s guitarist Rick Jimenez had high kicks and stomps that would put the Rockettes to shame.

Sworn Enemy had their posse belting out lyrics and got fists pumping. Even a security guard who usually works at the Gramercy took the night off, as he traded in his security shirt for a hoody and stood on the other side of the barricade to face and show his support to Sworn Enemy.

IKILLYA took the stage and was phenomenal to say the least with catchy riffs and awesome stage presence. Frontman Jason Lekberg was humorous onstage and bears a similar resemblance both physically and vocally to DevilDriver and Coal Chamber frontman Dez Fafara.

Brooklyn based band Wrench started the night off for about 30 people but played their hearts out as they performed a great set which kicked off the show in the right way.

Catch Biohazard on the road by checking out their full list of tour dates here.

Check Out Photos from the Biohazard show at Gramercy Theater

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