New York metal force Biohazard have just released a lyric video for 'Reborn,' the first single off their upcoming album, 'Reborn in Defiance.' The song showcases Biohazard's signature heavy metal/thrash sound and is the first single released by the band since 2005.

After Biohazard disbanded shortly after the release of their 2005 release, 'Means to an End,' the musicians took their own forked paths. Guitarist Billy Graziadei started the band Suicide City with former Kittie bassist Jennifer Arroyo.

Former frontman Evan Seinfeld began to focus on adult films and reality television, appearing in VH1's 'SuperGroup,' where Seinfeld formed Damnocracy with Ted Nugent, Anthrax's Scott Ian, Sebastian Bach and Jason Bonham, the son of legendary Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham. Although Seinfeld lent his skills to the upcoming Biohazard release, the band parted ways with the frontman in June 2011.

The new track, 'Reborn,' is the latest landmark in Biohazard's ongoing theme of youth within their career. Guitarist Billy Graziadei stated the following about the song:

The innocence of youth has always been a strong subject for us, with the children playing over a crime scene on the 'Urban Discipline' album cover to the child running with a biological gas mask on the 'State of the World Address' cover. For 'Reborn in Defiance,' an unborn child waits to be thrown into a world that will steal the untainted purity of infancy we all start out with.

'Reborn in Defiance' is set for release on Jan. 20 through Nuclear Blast. Biohazard will also be embarking on a tour of Europe with Suicidal Tendencies, Terror, Walls of Jericho, Lionheart and Crushing Caspars, as well as a few U.S. East Coast dates mixed in.

Watch the Lyric Video for Biohazard's 'Reborn'