AFI's Davey Havok and Jade Puget are out to show that just because Blaqk Audio is primarily electronic doesn't mean it can't be gritty. So while finding a way to preview their new songs for a mass audience, the duo shot a trailer using cityscapes to provide the visuals for the music on their new album 'Bright Black Heaven.'

The band just debuted a two-and-a-half minute trailer featuring snippets of all the songs on their album, with each song signified with letter backed by an urban scene. 'Cold War' is shot against a grimy phone booth, 'Fade to White' uses a wall in what looks like a construction area, and each of the tracks follow with similar backdrops.

While fans have already no doubt picked up on the track 'Bliss,' which was issued as a free download earlier this year, the video provides the first listen to other songs like 'Faith Healer,' 'Deconstructing Gods,' 'Everybody's Friends,' 'Let's Be Honest,' and more.

While 'Bliss' provides a more atmospheric feel, other tracks feature the sped up beats and more club-worthy material. The 'Bright Black Heaven' album is due Sept. 11 and can be pre-ordered on iTunes. Check out the album teaser video below.

Watch Blaqk Audio's 'Bright Black Heaven' Album Teaser Video [via Buzznet]