The feud between Ozzy Osbourne and former bassist / songwriter Bob Daisley has been rekindled over the past month. Daisley has filed lawsuits against the singer for unpaid royalties in the past and is making another attempt to reclaim money he believes to rightfully be his. The bassist revealed more in a new interview, including a breakdown of the royalties and why it took this long for the lawsuit to surface.

Speaking with Joel Gausten, Daisley detailed the different types of royalties he's entitled to in regards to both performance and songwriting, explaining, "There’s also a royalty or payment that a writer gets if the song that he, she or they have written gets used in, say, a television advertisement, a television show, a video game, etc.… When the song is used, they have to get permission from the publisher to use the song and there’s payment involved. That payment is termed 'synchronization fees,' or 'sync fees,' which the writers are entitled to a share of."

Going on to reveal that he has not been collecting his synchronization fees, he said the company "has been taking a higher percentage off the top" than his contract states, claiming, "The Osbournes have been taking 25 percent rather than the 10 percent I agreed to." Disarming the Osbournes' argument that Daisley has collected "millions of dollars" in royalties, the bassist stated, "What they’ve said isn’t very accurate. Yes, I have had publishing money from the songwriting over the past 35 years. As far as what I’ve received being in the millions, no, it isn’t in the millions."

Responding to the notion raised by Ozzy that Daisley's lawsuit is "tantamount to harassment," he said, "No, I’m not obsessed. It’s great that Ozzy built a lot of his success on the stuff that we wrote because his whole career and empire was built on the foundation of those first two albums that put him back on the map. That’s the foundation of what Ozzy and Sharon [Osbourne] are sitting on. I wish Ozzy every success. I just have a problem with not getting paid properly."

As for why it took so long for this lawsuit to come about, Daisley added, "The Osbournes were good at hiding what they were doing and it was only relatively recently that I found out what was happening to me."

During Daisley's '90s lawsuit over unpaid royalties, the legal action led to the re-recording drum and bass tracks on reissues of Ozzy's first two records. The original recordings were restored on the 2011 reissues, but Daisley also claims to never have seen royalties from these records since.

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